• cc jolie blog lache ton msn rep

  • HI, I am hamid from mohamdia,I am 23 years old
    I am in the last year of mecanical engineering in mascara
    I saw your profile and became intrested of knowing you better ,
    so, I like to chat with you some time,
    If you are intreste too, we can chat on MSN
    you can send me your MSN if you like to
    wait for you!!!!!!!!!!!!
    see you!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonyme

    tu veut bien me donné ton numero pcq tu te connecte rarement nkara3 wala nagta3 liyasse ??

  • c hamza jspr que tu va bien ? j'amerais bien faire une relation avec toi c possible vien a mon msn ; hamza_imajination@hotmail.fr salut

  • cc tu va bien jesper mais prf je sait tt et anuller alors pffffffff